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Unicorn Magic Wall Decals

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My dad sanded down an old headboard that had been sitting in the garage for several years. He painted it pearly white with pink trim around the contours of the two posters. In the middle and all in a row, he applied beautiful animal decals that he thought I would like.

I remember laying there in that bed and staring at those decals, making up stories and songs about them. “You say ‘baa’ and I’ll teach the people,” I would imagine the little lamb saying to me. And I would say back to the lamb sticker: “No, you say ‘baa’ and I’ll teach the people.” It was just a funny little dialogue that I made up and would repeat every night before I closed my five-year-old eyes and entered the land of sleep.

Now you can add an element of make believe to your child’s play space with these Unicorn Magic vinyl decals. Transform your child’s room into a magical realm where imagination is the rule of the land. Your little monarch, hero, or sorcerer can choose from a variety of colors to compliment the family’s coat of arms — or the bedspread. An ample 15 x 19 inches allows these gorgeous mythological creatures to be a significant presence, and a force for good!

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