Upcycled Computer Parts Combine Art and Function


If you think your computer is beautiful on the outside, you should see the inner workings. Tiny intricate metal paths criss-cross through fields of green, orange and blue. Tiny numbers and letters hint at the miniature universe trying to communicate with those who will listen. Nothing creates the visual impact of how infinitely small technology has become like a circuit board. Unfortunately, many people never get an up-close view of these modern marvels. We’re here to change that.

Just because a computer part has exhausted its original purpose, that doesn’t mean its life has to end. Here are some creative things artists have done with defunct tech bits. Grab a few for yourself or search the junk drawer for your favorite screw driver and make your own.

If you’re having a little trouble keeping all of your paperwork in order, or if you’d like a quirky on-the-go drawing surface that’s just your geeky style, check out this circuit board clipboard.


Your slick grey, black or white computer case hides the fact that the inside of your machine is nothing short of a rainbow. Take this rainbow ribbon cable bracelet, for example.


If Dad’s into nontraditional cufflinks, these circuit board cufflinks are the perfect gift (just make sure you also get him a shirt to wear them with if he doesn’t already have one).


And for computer nerd mom or older daughter, these red heart circuit board earrings are perfect (and there’s still time to have them delivered before Cupid Day). There’s also a matching necklace if you’d like to go for the complete set.


Looks like someone saw the resistor’s similarity to a bead and took the opportunity. This necklace is beautiful from afar and nerdy up close.


In fact, computer parts are more versatile than you might think. Here’s a resistor Van Gogh:


If you’re a tech nerd who loves Star Wars, this awesome computer parts ATAT may just be worth its $450 price tag.



Header image is a Circuitree made of resistors and varistors by digiBLING on Etsy.


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