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Upcycled Retro Record Wall Clock

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This one time, I interviewed a punk rock legend. I was sitting at my laptop doing stuff like staring blankly at my computer screen and suddenly, an email appeared from my editor: “How’d you like to interview Johnny Lydon/Rotten?” ZOMG! “Would I?!,” said I to my computer screen. I happily accepted, and almost threw up while I was dialing his hotel room.

Our conversation was natural, friendly. He didn’t even give me that Rotten sass he tends to give other music writers. He seemed relaxed and willing to answer my questions, and eager to tell me how messed up the world really was. After asking the obvious political questions that I had to get out the way (because he be Johnny and he be political as heck), records were the next line of inquiry. What he told me in regards to vinyl, and how amazing it is, was exactly the reason why the Record Wall Clock for your little punk will prove both valuable and enriching:

“It’s the ultimate sound… the full signal… Just the sheer size of it; it’s a pleasurable world of vinyl–a 12-inch piece of vinyl–because it’s an artist sharing their world with you and letting you in on something. You can read the information and see what you’re doing with it, but as long as you keep your fingers off the grooves, then everything is fine.”

Keeping your musical wee one’s fingers off the grooves of their Record Wall Clock is almost as important as keeping their digits away from the actual grooves of a vinyl album (just so they don’t break it or keep it from playing cool, retro tunage). Made from an upcycled 12” record which is ready to mount, the Retro Record Wall Clock tells the time to your child in style! With its large, cartoonish numbers and sweep movement quartz clock mechanism, this classical collectors item for all mini music lovers is a dynamite way for the appreciation of vinyl to continue its rich and exciting legacy. One that Mr. Rotten would approve of.


  1. Annie

    This is the best idea I’ve ever seen for scratched up records.

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