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Upcycled Sweater Moose Head

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When you have a child, you become painfully aware of the many banal baby products on the market. All of a sudden you look around and notice that everyone has the same pajamas, rubber ducky, mobile, and snowsuit. It seems prudent to accept solid advice on which walking shoes your little one should be wearing to ensure this stage in his or her development goes smoothly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw the line somewhere.

While you may feel more comfortable buying a mainstream (and well-reviewed) crib or bassinet, you can easily turn the nursery into a unique living space by adding fun and responsible accessories like the Upcycled Sweater Moose Head to your little one’s wall. Handmade in Toronto by designer and father Josh Title, the one-of-a-kind accent piece is crafted from discarded woolens and mounted on a plaque of Forest Stewardship Council-certified sustainable wood. Further adding to its authenticity, the adorable moose head was then filled with wool from an actual sheep farm in Nova Scotia.

There are many reasons why this piece is special.
1. It sparks a conversation about upcycling, which will allow you to explain why converting waste products into usable (and beautiful) quality products is good for the environment.
2. It creates a discourse about art, as children will be fascinated (and encouraged) by the idea that they, too, can create valuable showpieces from discarded items.
3. It’s just so darn cute.

Need I mention the wonderful way you can drop in information about Canada as you go?

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