Vegan Blizzards: The Perfect Summertime Treat


My daughter was never obsessed with sweets. Until ice cream.

Ice cream is the one food of record that has sent her into fits and starts because she can’t get enough. As vegans, satisfying the ice cream fix is as simple as going to the grocery store (even Safeway) and finding a specialty brand. There are rice and soy milk-based ice creams in all of the basic flavors.

But if you want Chubby Hubby or Lemon Lavender, then making your own is the only way to go. Results can vary though. Without the cream, you can easily end up with a vegan ice milk equivalent. Using soy creamer and/or full fat coconut milk can help. I have found the best results using the KitchenAid ice cream attachment and recipes from Lick It by Cathe Olson.


But if ice cream is on the menu every day this summer, it may be time to try some other chilly treats to beat the heat. Though stores and local shops are hip to the vegan customer, I think about the ice cream truck that my daughter will most likely never be able to run to when the song plays. And I think about all the peanut butter caramel milkshakes from Tastee Freez, banana splits from Farrell’s, the Neapolitan from the box and Snickers Blizzards from Dairy Queen that she will never slurp down. So, partly out of guilt and mostly just for the fun of it, I feel compelled to create some of these classics at home, vegan style.

The Blizzard is probably the one that you are least likely to find veganized locally, so let’s take a look at how to craft it by hand.


Making a Blizzard is really very simple. The key is to use a lot of ice cream — vegan ice cream — of course. You can use a blender or mix by hand. Mixing by hand will result in a thicker Blizzard, strengthen your forearms and not mutilate your ingredients, but the blender is much faster. I usually opt for option #1 unless I am trying to make it in volume. The really fun part of course, is collecting all the crazy, teeth-rotting ingredients that the kids will love adding.

We’ll go with vegan Jokerz to make a Snickers-like Blizzard.


Chop it up into small chunks and set aside. Then fill your glass about two-thirds with your vegan vanilla ice cream. Yes, make it right in the glass as long as the glass is thick enough, for instance, a pint glass. Add a splash of soymilk and mix. Keep adding soymilk in small splashes until you are at the spoonable consistency of a Blizzard. Next add your Jokerz and continue to  mix. Eat immediately.

Or, set up a drive through and have your kids bike or wheel their little cars by to pick up their treats and complete your cool trip down memory lane. Wanna get really weird? Load up a cooler with vegan Blizzards, find a CD of Turkey in the Straw, open your windows and blast the  tune as you drive around the corner to your eagerly waiting offspring (Please, sell the Blizzards at a reasonable price.)

Maybe you can paint your car to look like this:


Next time — oh yes, there will be a next time —  try one with other vegan candy bars like Thumbs Up (Butterfingers) or Cleo’s (peanut butter cups).  And of course, you can make an Oreo Blizzard of your own, no analog cookie needed.

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