Vegan Easter Egg Alternatives

6 Wooden Easter Eggs

The Easter egg tradition is an odd one. When it all started, an Easter hare supposedly visited your house and laid eggs in a nest for you. Compared to that, a bunny bearing eggs in a basket seems totally normal. So if you are vegan or otherwise just don’t bring eggs into your house, it would be easy to simply skip this whole tradition with your family. But, and especially if, you are a vegan family that honors this age-old Spring tradition, what alternatives are there for eating, painting, and boiling eggs?Many of us have fond memories of those precious dye kits that come out around this time of year, complete with decals. I have such fond memories that I attempted to figure out a way to employ one of these kits on wooden eggs. But alas, the results are not great at best. If you want to attempt it, try it on untreated wood eggs for the best possible outcome. Armed with many of the same items that you would find in those kits, you can approximate the experience with wooden eggs and paint. To add a little olfactory Easter egg sensation, you can even add vinegar to the paint. Gather a few of these items or any others that come to mind and paint away!Scary-Easter-Bunny

  • “Magic” wax crayons: can be found at art supply stores or just use a white crayon.
  • Decals: I like to use temporary tattoos. Cutting out images from magazines etc. for decoupage is fun too.
  • Small stamps and stamp pads.
  • Collections of jewels or mosaic pieces or anything else you want to glue to your eggs.
  • Egg holders: This is something that I realized was a necessity after my first go around with this project. You do have to paint the bottom after the top dries but you can get a few holders and work assembly line style.

This is an anything goes project but for little kids, it is best to narrow it down to a few steps: paint the egg, let it dry, add a stamped pattern, add jewels, etc.For the craftier family, making your own paper mache eggs could be the Easter tradition for you. These are cool because you can fill them with things like candy and little toys and your child gets the fun of breaking them open to find the treasure. Here is a great tutorial to get you started.After making inedible eggs out of paper and painting wooden eggs, you might be getting a little hungry. For some reason, Easter brings out a craving in me for hard boiled eggs, even though I never even liked them growing up. One year I just had to do something about it. So I bought a Jello egg mold and attempted to make something that felt and looked like an egg. I crafted  tofu eggs by blending silken tofu with agar agar and letting it set (you can also concoct this with soy milk or other vegan milk for that matter). I have also heard of others flavoring “eggs” with something called black salt, an Indian spice that imparts an “eggy” flavor. You can have fun with different combinations to achieve your signature “egg.” You can slice them in half, scoop out the centers and fill with your favorite devilish ingredients.Speaking of the devil, Vegans have no lack of offerings when they want to join in on the teeth rotting, blood sugar surging ritual of Easter candy indulgence. Many traditional offerings are already “vegan,” depending upon your stance on refined sugar processing. Some old time favorites to fill the basket with include Jelly Bellys, Dots, Cry Babies, Lemonheads, and classic hard candies like your grandpa used to always have on hand. For the vegan fine candy connoisseur, there are also many options, but you have to plan ahead to get orders in (unless you are lucky enough to have local shops that carry such things).  Personalized chocolate filled candy eggs would be sure to make both Janie and Jack happy. If nothing says Easter to you like a Cadbury Egg, try butter cream filled chocolate eggs, and of course what would Easter be without chomping the ear off of a hollow chocolate bunny . If you did not get around to making and filling your own paper mache eggs, you can order some paper eggs stuffed with an assortment of vegan candy from Natural Candy Store.Now all you need to do is get your hunt on. Stuff your plastic eggs with all those treats. Hide those eggs with a few paper mache and painted eggs. Fill the Easter basket with some wheat grass and a chocolate bunny. Then go outside with the kids and celebrate a traditional Easter.

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