“Very Hungry Caterpillar” Onesie: For Your Hungry Baby


Eric Carle might be the Dr. Seuss of our generation. His art is singular and his approach to storytelling unique. Granted, he didn’t invent a new lexicon, one made up of wonderful, rhyming nonsense, but his visuals and wordplay are unique and inspiring to readers of any age.

And his Very Hungry Caterpillar is almost as popular as Green Eggs and Ham. Almost.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar eats everything he gets near. He eats anything he gets even remotely close to. Heck, he eats anything he can see. It’s a concept kids can relate to, devouring everything in one’s way. Except for the kids, it’s usually destroying, not eating, but that’s mincing words now, isn’t it?

Point being, a kid is like a caterpillar, always hungry, always developing, always devouring — food, things, experience. All in the service of, one day, blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. And so we have this nifty Hungary Caterpillar onesie, to get your little caterpillar started along its hungry path.


The caterpillar applique is heat sealed and sewed, so your little caterpillar won’t eat it right off. Short- and long-sleeved versions are available in sizes up to two years. And there’s a whole line of accessories by BonitaCouture to go along with it.

Time to chow down.

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