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Video Game Programming For Kids

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Your child likes video games. Like, really really likes them. As in, they like games so much that whenever someone asks your kid what they want to be when they grow up, the answer is Mario. Perhaps, at such a point, the best response is to divert their passion for the hobby into a profitable career.

Of course, making video games is hard work and requires an understanding of obscure programming languages and jargon, something that might not be as interesting to the wee ones. It’s probably safest to test out their affinity for the arcane before you start saving up the clams to send them off to video game college in ten or twelve years. This book is a primer of sorts. I will not say it’s the best programming language book for children, but I will say that because it teaches a somewhat outdated language, it serves as a perfect indication of whether your children would actually enjoy this kind of career.

The games that they program are rehashed versions of old school 80’s arcades, games like Breakout and Pong, and the language the author uses to explain how the work is to be done is simple enough for even fairly young children to follow. It’s worth trying out, especially if your child has the video game itch.

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