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Vintage Mario Onesie/T-Shirt

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The nerdiest parents are well-practiced in never missing an opportunity to send out beacons of their nerdiness to the world. The baby onesie and kid’s T-shirt are the best blank canvas opportunities to declare to public, ‘my family is nerdy and I like it’. It’s important to adorn your children’s torsos with images of characters that even the non-gaming public will recognize, so that those who aren’t nerds will still be able to recognize your status. There aren’t many video game characters as universally recognizable as Nintendo’s Mario, who has become something of a mascot for ‘team gamer’.


Perhaps the only other icon who can hold a candle to the Italian plumber is, of course, Mickey Mouse. It is from Walt Disney’s creations that this baby onesie design draws its inspiration: Tanuki Mario is here modeled after Mickey’s predecessor, Oswald the Rabbit (who was recently rescued from obscurity by his inclusion in Epic Mickey).

Tanuki Mario is modeled after an animal found in Japan who, according to lore, is known as being somewhat of a jolly, mischievous trickster (probably not unlike your youngin’). There are other less savory details regarding the Tanuki in Japanese folklore, including why they came to possess the ability to fly, but I’ll leave those to the reader to discover at their own discretion. Just remember, some things cannot be unseen.



The nod to Disney underscores how ubiquitous Mario has become; there’s no doubt that dressing up your little one in this adorable outfit will bring an end to your quest for the perfect declaration of nerdiness. The design is available as a long- or short-sleeved onesie or short-sleeved t-shirt in a multitude of colors and wide variety of sizes. All shirts and onesies are ethically made with 100% cotton super soft material.

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