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Vintage Storybook Tile

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Up the style in your kid’s bedroom, because plain walls ain’t doin’ it no mo’. In fact, while you’re redecorating, you might want to look under the bed—there’s a month’s worth of uneaten celery sticks and sandwiches from school carefully hidden there (you can thank us later).

So back to the walls. Gallons of paint will bring brightness to a room, but it won’t bring vintage awesomeness. We know you’re holding out for some vintage awesomeness, right?

This Vintage Storybook Tile is really a one-of-a-kind piece. Designed and sold by Sydney artist Lisa Tilse, it features a couple of kids in true retro form, sharing a conversation over books. We like to think they’re talking about some deep, philosophical matter from the storybook they just read. Why not. Or maybe they’re discussing the Cuban missile crisis. They look pretty smart for their ages, right? Whatever they’re talking about, they look cute doing it; that’s all we know. We also know your kid’s going to warm to this lovely tile as soon as it’s hung.

This tile measures 11.5 x 11.5”, and comes pre-drilled for easy hanging. The Red Garage Sale has several different retro children’s styles in two sizes, and they look great arranged together.

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