Vintage-Style Gaming Posters Add a Little Class


Since moving into our new home in November, my family (who just so happens to be super into gaming) has picked up a few key decorative items. Ikea has been a great help, but sometimes you need to punch it up with something a little more personal. After all of the things I’ve bought in thrift stores and quirky little shops to make this place into my family’s home, there’s nothing I love more than my vintage movie-style World of Warcraft Karazhan posters.

It’s a shame you can’t get these posters from Blizzard anymore, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another gaming poster or two that would be just as good.

The thing I love about these is that they can be appreciated by everyone. When gamer friends come over for the first time, they always spark a nostalgic conversation (“wasn’t Karazhan the best?“) and when non-gamers come over, they still find something to admire about the cool old movie feel of the place. If you’re good, you can hide your geekiness in plain sight. If you’re great, you can even convince the most serious non-gamers that they should try being a little more nerdy.

The marriage of geekiness and hip graphic design is simply a match made in gamer heaven.

As far as available posters go, let’s start at the beginning. ThinkGeek has a great set of retro propoganda-style posters of some of the greatest games of all time: FroggerJoust, and Donkey Kong among others.


Once in a great while, a game comes along that you want to keep with you forever. As much as you’ve exhausted all content in expansions (should you be lucky enough to love a game that has them) and have outgrown the time in your life when you had hours to pour into your obsession, there’s something to be said for coming down the stairs and seeing a little piece of it winking at you as you go about your life. For some of us, that great game is Skyrim.


If your love was Dark Souls, you’re even more in luck. These posters from Crowsmack are so stunning they make me want to play this game.


Everyone has a short list of games they can play over and over. For us, that list will always include Mario Kart and its various incarnations. I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to stand Princess Peach in any game except Kart, so she can have this one.


Ryan Guyatt, the artist we have to thank for this piece of Speed-Racer-meets-Mushroom-Kingdom awesomeness, has pages and pages of amazing graphics available at his Etsy shop. We can’t decide which we like better: his appropriately geometric Tetris tribute or his beautifully mod Portal homage.


I can’t leave without linking one more by Guyatt. Here’s his gorgeous retro sci-fi take on Bioshock Infinite.






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