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Vtech Innotab Learning Tablet

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With the advent of smartphone technology and integrated app stores where we can purchase applications for whatever we might need, children’s toy developers have been playing catch-up, designing products that act similarly to the ones adults use, but are more fun and kid-friendly. One of the most technologically-advanced products to come out of this was the evolution of the learning app tablet, and one of the best of these tablets is the Innotab by Vtech.

The Innotab is an integrated wi-fi learning tablet, designed to act similar to the technology that your kid sees you using. It features a secure wi-fi connection, which allows you and your children to browse the built-in Learning Center; a hub where all of the product’s apps are located. There are hundreds of apps available for the Innotab, from games in every genre, animated e-books, videos, music, and more. Nerdlings can browse the Learning Center, and create wish-list of the apps they want, which is then sent directly to your email for future purchase.

The Innotab includes a rotating camera for picture and video taking, which can be played back from its internal memory storage. Other features include touch screen controls (for art and painting apps) and motion controls (for gaming). No matter the type of entertainment your child is looking for, the Innotab is likely to have something they will enjoy.

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