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Vunce Upon A Time Book

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Need an excuse to talk in your Transylvanian accent before Halloween? Want to “vamp” up storytime for the kids? Get ready for a childen’s book that will keep them enthralled from start to finish, with Vunce Upon A Time. Brought to you by the well-known author/illustrator team of Olive, the Other Reindeer and the Mr. Lunch series, J.otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh have done it again (in between caring for their three kids and two dogs!).

Vunce Upon A Time tells the tale of Dagmar, a vegetarian vampire (drinking cherry juice, not blood) who craves sugary sweets. When a skeleton friend tells him about a human holiday called Halloween, which involves scary costumes and unlimited candy, Dagmar embarks on an adventure like never before. Being shy, afraid of humans and being startled easily makes for a very funny tale.

But as all good children’s books have a moral to the story (we’re still trying to figure out the moral of The Boy Who Cried Wolf—perhaps, you can tell lies, but don’t tell the same lie every time?), so does this one. Vunce Upon A Time teaches kids about bravery and accepting the differences of others. With out-there illustrations packed full of color and quirkiness, you’ll want to practice that awful vampire accent—the kids are gonna want this read to them every night of ze veek!

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