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Lola’s Moon Wall Decals

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I am a home design junkie. If left to my own devices, I can do dangerous things to our apartment. You know… the apartment that we rent? The one in which we are not allowed to paint the walls, drill more than four holes, or put up unnecessary lighting. I know all the rules in our lease by heart and yet I still have an undying desire to penny-tile our countertops, to hack our built-in hutch so it serves as a bar, to patina any and all metal surfaces, and to paint everything. No wonder my husband is afraid to leave me alone in the apartment. Poor husband. He’s just lucky that we don’t yet have a nursery that I can have my way with.

Alas, I, along with many other renters are forced to rely on more temporary décor options. When I think of temporary decorating, it brings me back to the faux fur beanbag chairs, posters, and beaded curtains of my dorm days.

However, this is not that kind of temporary decoration. Impermanence has been done the right way with these Lola’s Moon wall decals. The vinyl decal features a lovely young lady hunkered down in the most amazing of book nooks: a large crescent moon surrounded by stars. The 12”x12” decal comes in four different colors, and will leave your little one with a stylish room no painting, hacking or penny tiling required.

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