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Wand of the Elder Wizard

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It’s time to man-up and admit that your household defenses against the dark arts just aren’t up to snuff. I know what you’re thinking. You’ve got a magical ward alarm system. Your family has dutifully raised your pet guard griffon, Griff (named obviously by the children), to stay on watch for intruders. You keep that old wand in a box in the top of your closet (though you haven’t fired it in years and aren’t even really sure if it still works). You may tell yourself that this is enough, but do you really want to leave the safety of your family at just “enough”?

Instead of relying on the same old tricks, multiply your magical defenses by arming your own personal army of cute, cuddly stuffed animals with their own Wands of the Elder Wizard. Each bear, dog, monkey, frog, or whatever other plush toys you have on hand can be a sleepless sentry, once armed with its very own wand and a few simple incantations. Why rely on bumbling around in your closet for an old wand that may not even work anymore when you can have dozens – nay hundreds – of wands strategically placed about your house and ready to act on your command?

Each wand is carefully hand crafted and painted from balsa wood, and sized perfectly for stuffed animals in the 6- to 7-inch-tall range, though could be just as potent in the hands of any sized stuffed animal.

So, don’t leave your family defenseless. Pick up your own collection of tiny wands today!

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