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Water Dragon Wall Print

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Whether you love the mythology surrounding dragons, or you see a deeper significance to the characters here, this beautiful Water Dragon print is sure to add some style to your children’s room. The Tibetan calendar marks 2012 with the characterization of a dragon and the element of water, making this the year of the Water Dragon. If this year is special in the life of your child, give them the gift of a truly unique piece of artwork that will symbolize this time in their lives forever. Available in several different sizes, it’s hard to go wrong with such a fantastic print.

Featuring a dragon coming from a sky of liquid and crying raindrop tears, this watercolor painting presents a child who is unafraid and welcoming of the rain. Children born in the year of the Water Dragon are said to possess the traits of being strong, calm and independent, just like the kid in the painting. If you’ve been looking for something original for your child’s bedroom wall, why not choose this amazing Water Dragon print? It is sure to inspire their imaginations, with a tranquil scene that will promote a happy, healthy environment for their room.

For reference, if bathtime is a strugle, maybe showing them that water dragons enjoy being clean too will help the process:

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