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Weapons of Math Destruction Print

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This product does not have a lisp – it is a trumpeting Hoo-rah for the math set, depicting in racy hot pink the tools of the mathematician’s trade:  Compass, ruler, 45-45-90 triangle, pencil, and calculator.  It’s serious business: math problems don’t have a spider hole to hide in – they’re about to get blown away!

Math problems build on each other from year to year and grade to grade.  As your child gets better at math, the problems get harder and harder.  Kids need to be reminded that they have the tools to get the job done.  From addition to calculus, from geometry to trigonometry, mathematics is a wild frontier waiting to be conquered and understood by our most intrepid young minds.

This print is available in a small locker-sized 8×10, and in several sizes ranging up to wall-sized 21×28.  It is printed on rugged archival paper, and so should stand up to re-hanging.  A frame wouldn’t hurt, of course.

Show your kids that Math Camp is more like Boot Camp: drills, exercise, patience, and training; training to beat an enemy who knows no mercy and shows no fear – that throbbing in their heads isn’t fatigue: that’s what learning feels like.  Now drop and give me 5 (2^2).

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