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Weaving Loom

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Have you ever noticed how, at a certain point, artsy folks began modeling their lives after those of 19th century pioneers? Is it nostalgia? Is it a desire to return to the ‘authentic’? Truthfully, no one understands. But that won’t stop the world from producing awesome toys that enable us to maintain the veneer of living in a less complicated time.

The A-Peg Loom is such a toy. This is a functional weaving loom designed for children ages 5 and up. The loom features slanted pegs, so little hands won’t cause the weave to slip off, and a plastic safety needle. Your little one will be able to weave small but beautiful pieces that can be used for dolls, for decoration, or to hide mom’s caffeinated latte when you’re hanging out with the Kombucha crowd at the tea house. Many modern activities will push your kid in the direction of simplicity and instant gratification. This loom will help your child understand the labor and persistence required in cultivating true craftsmanship. The kit also includes a selection of wool yarns, but you’ll surely need new yarns quickly. Which is great, because all little girls and boys should know the excitement of going to the craft store to pick NEW YARN!

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