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Wee Rockets iOS App

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There isn’t anything much cooler for kids between the ages of 2 and 6 than building rockets and flying them into outer space. Look at the doodles going on in any classroom, and odds are that at least half of them are comprised of an outer space scene of some kind. Whether it’s the spaceship itself, the building process, flying through space, or discovering alien life-forms, kids absolutely love space, and Wee Rockets (by Wee Taps designs) was made specifically for them.

Wee Rockets is a new app for your iPhone or iPad that is broken up into two distinct parts. The first part is the building process, where your kids can take various different rocket parts, and combine them to build their very own spaceship. Each of the parts is differently colored and shaped, so the combinations for building ships is entirely up to the whims of your child. After the ship’s blueprints are made, the ship takes off, and the second part of the game begins. Your kids then pilot their ship through the vast reaches of space, avoiding perilous asteroids, and collecting different aliens that have been stranded there.

Wee Rockets is a cute little game, if not the most robust app. It’s still fun for any little space explorer.

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