Wes Anderson Style for Kids


You often hear that something “looks like a Wes Andereson movie” like it’s a bad thing. Well, I would argue that life would make a little more sense as a Wes Anderson movie. There’s just something about pastels and highly stylized symmetrical cinematography that makes me want to live in there forever. When I watch a Wes Anderson movie, the combination of chaos and meticulous organization makes me feel like no matter how messy my life is, everything will come out alright.

If you aren’t really into getting all philosophical about it, you have to at least give it to the guy: he has a pretty unique style. Taking the bold, retro, playful aesthetic of a Wes Anderson flick into your space will help you regain a bit of control over your chaos and bring things into perspective. Plus, we just love Wes Anderson, so anything with pink or teal and futura bold font is a win.

We should start our list of amazing Wes Anderson items for kids with a little something to make your baby into a mini Steve Zissou. A life aquatic isn’t exactly for everyone, but for babies who crave adventure (or revenge), a red knit cap is definitely in order.


One of the greatest things to come out of the Wes Anderson films is the revival of Bill Murray’s career. Let’s all remember our favorite deadpan comedian with a fantastically kitschy Bill Murray pillow for your couch or playroom.


As far as wall art goes, there are plenty of artsy graphics paying homage to your favorite Wes Anderson flick. We love this set of movie posters that look like covers of old well-loved books.


If your kids love Wes Anderson movies as much as you do, honor their good taste with a ‘Wes Anderson’s Luggage’ t-shirt, available in kids sizes.


To add a little crafty, retro personalization to your kids’ rooms, snag (or make) one of these personalized name pennants.


If there’s one store where you can score a Wes Anderson look on a budget, it’s IKEA. Among the many Anderson-esque decorative accessories hiding in its wonderful maze I found this fox pair that bares an uncanny resemblance to the main characters in Anderson’s kid flick, Fantastic Mr. Fox.



For very cool ideas on how to create a Wes Anderson inspired nursery, check out this one on Apartment Therapy:




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