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WHAMM! Marvel Comics Comforter

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It’s in their nature for comforters to be comforting, but imagine the cozy sleep a kid can get when surrounded by the most awesome superheroes in the Marvel universe. The WHAMM! Comics Comforter from Marvel overlord Disney is official, and has the stunning screen art to prove it.

The retro tableau has many heavy-hitters captured in old-school comic book style. Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor explode through a wall in the main panel—how this makes the titular “WHAMM!” sound is a mystery (we’re assuming it’s from all the heroes shouting it at the same time), but that’s how this particular mortar crumbles. There’s a lot more character crammed into the package with The Incredible Hulk and other superheroes on the flip side—this reversible comforter has a secret identity!

Kids will love the bold colors and surprising softness, and you’ll love that their dreams might be fueled by your favorite comic book characters. As mainstream Avengers madness marches on, this is the perfect way for young fans to marvel (heh, get it?) at their favorites and also get geek cred. To complete the scene, check out the coordinating Marvel WHAMM! Comics Sheet Set. The comforter is sold in twin and full sizes.

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