What Kid-Friendly Anime Is Hot In Japan?


The winter 2013 anime season is getting off to an excellent start, with many new series that debuted in January hitting their first strides. Bear in mind, that for the most part, these series are fresh, so consider this a preview of things to come. Most of these are either brand-new shows, recently premiered shows, or upcoming hits. That being said, each of these shows should be on your radar if you have kids who are into anime, and some of them you may be interested in yourself.

On to the list!



Do your kids like to mix a bit of gaming into their anime? If your kids have eclectic tastes and a penchant for fantasy worlds, then Senyu might be the next new anime for them to follow.

Senyu tells the story of Alba, one out of 45 possible descendants of a mighty hero who once fought against a horde of evil demons. Alba doesn’t seem nearly as competent as his ancestry might suggest, but he makes up for it with bravado, like most younger heroes do. Senyu makes fun of the fantasy genre a tad, which is good for some comedy, and your kids will enjoy it for it’s RPG-like aspects and “kill-the-big-bad” plot. Be advised, Senyu episodes are bite-sized in nature, so your kids might want to give it a few weeks before they delve into the story.



Of course, we’d all like our kids to want to be successful when they grow up. Eita Kido is one of those kids who is driven to success, but after his parents separated he swore off love. Fate has something else in store for Eita, however, and it comes in the form of the beautiful Masuzu Natsukawa, who convinces Eita to be her false boyfriend to ward off potential suitors.

What follows is the beginnings of an interesting romantic comedy, and it’s one that actually plays up the humor part more than most are able to. Oreshura is shaping up to be quite funny and entertaining; it reminds me of similar relationship-triangle shows that I enjoyed. Masuzu is hilarious, and if your kids are old enough (or mature enough) to handle the complexities of relationships and school-life, Oreshura might be a show to keep an eye on.

Hetalia The Beautiful World


If you’d asked me what sort of genre an anime with a character inspired by World War II might be like, a historical comedy wouldn’t be my first guess. However, Hetalia A Beautiful World manages to take the course material, and turn it into a hilarious and interesting comedy, featuring characters based on the countries they are named after.

The anime focuses on Italy, who is a kind and light-hearted character, but seems to be focused more on having fun, rather than being a catalyst for change. Italy often depends on his friend Germany when they discuss hilarious and overblown politics with the other characters. Actual political progression is rarely accomplished in this series, instead focusing on comedy to poke fun at the bumbling interactions between everyone.

While originally designed for kids, some of the satire might go over the heads of a younger audience, but the humor and colorful story is more than enough to keep them. A slightly more mature kid will get even more out of the show, and it looks to be every bit as entertaining as the manga it is based on. If you’re looking for something really different and out there that you and your kids can enjoy, give Hetalia a chance.

Naruto Shippuden

Still going as strong as ever, Naruto continues as the Power story arc draws to a close. Naruto has joined the Shinobi World War, Gaara finally forgives his family, and Kabuto commands the resurrected Itachi to attack Naruto. Now, Naruto’s soul is at risk from capture by Nagato, but will Itachi come to his aid?

Naruto remains one of the most popular anime series for kids in Japan , and the most recent arc is far from disappointing. If your kids have access to the most recent plots, run with those, but there’s no reason not to pick up on the localized versions if that’s not an option for you.

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