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Wheatley Key Chain

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So if your children have not yet played Portal or its successor, Portal 2, it better be because they are too young to have full control of their small-twitch muscle fibers. There is no finer game to educate young minds (and old minds for that matter), and Valve is actually working hand in hand with schools to create a version of Portal 2 that can be used in the classroom. The game teaches physics, critical thinking, and what happens when you fall into a vat of acid. The last lesson is especially important.

For the responsible parents reading this who have already exposed their children to the wonderful world of Portal 2, congrats, you deserve an award. Speaking of responsibility, your kids are growing up. If not already, then soon they’ll be needing keys to the house. Help them stay organized with this handy-dandy key chain in the shape of Wheatley, the caretaker-turned-dictator from the game.

Not only does it look awesome, but it’s functional! The little orb can be turned on and used as a flashlight in a pinch and ensures that your little nerdling doesn’t get locked out of the house because they lost their key. They told Wheatley he’d die if he used his flashlight though, so make certain you warn your children.

Pro-tip: In case you missed the “This is Aperture” music video, we’ve taken the liberty of embedding it below. Your welcome.

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