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Where the Hip Things Are – Print

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Where are you on the hipster spectrum? If your ability to appreciate irony extends to even yourself, then “Where the Hip Things Are”– a self-referential print in the style of Sendak’s beloved book– is probably right up your bowling alley. The print features a lookalike to one of the Wild Things, decked out in horn-rimmed glasses, a striped shirt (is it a hoodie? We can’t tell), strumming his guitar in the moonlight, while a chilled-out rendition of Max sits listening.

Not only is the print a nod to a childhood favorite (and of course, Spike Jonze’ most recent rendition of the book), it is also a really fun and interesting piece of art that will add depth and character to your kid’s room. The colors in the print are rather subdued, so it’s likely to fit right in with your kid’s decor, unless you’ve been stricken with a “Princess” or “Cars” themed youngster. In that case, better just to torch the place and start anew! The print comes in a variety of sizes, ranging in price from 20 to 35 dollars. Place it next to a Kandinsky or Miro and an abstract work by your kiddo, and the room will have a whole new hip ambiance!

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