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Whitesnake Lil’ Rocker Onesie

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Before Tawny Kitaen straddled those Jaguars suggestively in the video for “Here I Go Again,” Whitesnake was just a ho-hum side-project from the lead singer of a broken down 1970’s English Rock band. There wasn’t a whole ‘lotta hits produced from singer David Coverdale, and critics were all too quick to write off the former Deep Purple frontman and friends as “another band that slowly slithered out of the limelight.” But in 1987, their eponymous album, Whitesnake, turned it all around with “Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love?” and critics got a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. Of course, aside from the decent ballads and Hair Metal pop-rock that generated fans steadfast, a lady in white lingerie who does the splits on a luxury car is never a bad marketing tool, either.

Now, close to 20 years later, parents from that era, and even parents who weren’t on the sunset strip in 1985, are helping their kids carry on the spirit of Whitesnake by exposing them to the power rock ballads that inspired countless moms to flash their boobies. Pairing up the music with this Whitesnake one-piece is the perfect combo for your iddy-biddy rock-a-holic. The famous Whitesnake logo appears across the top in bold, white letters, and an image of a singing David Coverdale (circa Ready and Willing) embodies the outfit below. The image, with a distressed appearance throughout, will suggest that your babys’ been rockin’ out to the ‘Snake even before they were conceived. This is a noteworthy achievement easily accomplished by smaller fans of Whitesnake, and not easy if, say, your newborn preferred Poison, because Poison just stinks and Brett Micheals is a man whore. Case closed.

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