Whoops! An Awesome Gender Neutral Toy For Babies


Finding cool unique baby toys is like searching the caves of Middle-Earth for a ring that won’t corrupt your soul. Let alone looking for something that a newborn can safely cuddle and drool all over. Luckily, the folks over at Manhattan Toy sent us  Whoops! from their award-winning Whoozit line. So, what is it? Well, it has nothing to do with actor/director Crispin Glover’s infamous indie movie, “What is it?”. Whooizit is actually Manhattan’s special offering of what they call “activity toys” for babies. Each product appeals to an infant’s touch, sight and hearing. With the baby toy market filled with  copious amounts of lame, unsafe and uninspired crap, Whoops! is a breath of fresh air.


So, what is so special about the Whoops! toy? First, it appears to be completely safe for newborns. I’ve yanked, prodded and personally gnawed on it and found it to get my seal of approval. The features, however, are what make this toy truly stand out. Since, brand new humans don’t even realize they have arms, the rattles included in Whoops!’s own limbs are a much needed accessory. There’s even a piece of fabric covering a miniature mirror that makes a crinkling sound when you touch it. The back of the toy is super soft and offers an awesome soft fluffy texture that babies will love to gum on. As for originality, the creature  reminds me of something straight from the flick “Little Monsters” starring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel.


Parents can also rest assured that the complete toy line is completely gender neutral. A big plus for my family.

You can explore the whole Whoozit line over at Manhattan Toy’s website.



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