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Whump! Art Print

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When they’re not busy smashing block towers and fighting bad guys, children love to read and be read to. Perhaps you have even introduced your little one to the wonderful world of Marvel, and with it, The Thing. What superhero-loving kid wouldn’t love The Thing? He’s a good guy who looks like a bad guy, he’s huge, rocky, and comes with one of the most iconic superhero phrases ever uttered: “It’s clobberin’ time!”

This WHUMP! print, designed by Boneface, would be a great piece of art for your little superhero. It features Thing with his eyes still glowering, no doubt fresh from his latest clobbering. The highly stylized, almost minimalist depiction of The Thing (along with the artist’s use of neon) makes this graphic print a unique addition to your child’s Marvel and Fantastic Four collection.

It’s printed on 100% cotton paper with a matte finish, and comes in 5 different sizes so you (or your little hero) can choose just how big of a presence you want Ben Grimm to have in your home. If you have older kids, we bet they’d love this print too. The design is cute enough for a wee one’s room, but older Marvel-lovers will definitely appreciate the unique work. Anyway, watching and reading about the Thing clobbering bad guys is a pastime all ages can enjoy.

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