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Wicket and the Walker Print

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Ewoks, those cute furry teddy-bears that crush the Imperials with boulders, rocks and gigantic trees. We forget that they were going to eat Luke and Han on the forest moon of Endor. These fierce warriors that fight with stones, spears and slingshots are as cuddly as they are deadly. The final battle at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi changed the way we feel about teddy bears everywhere. Especially, Wicket, the bravest furball in the galaxy.

Rebel forces were greatly outnumbered by Stormtroopers, but luckily C3PO, along with his “golden” charisma, was enough to convince the primitive Ewoks to join the rebellion. How many of you cried when the AT-ST killed Wicket’s compadre? I can’t be the only one.

Now you and your child can own a piece of that epic battle. This Wicket and the Walker print depicts the mighty warrior staring down an AT-ST or, chicken walker as I called them when I was younger. Kids everywhere love Ewoks and this is a great 10” x 6” inch print that immortalizes the David vs. Goliath myth.

We found this little gem on Youtube. We present to you, Hulk vs. Wicket.

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