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Wild Cards – Bugs

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Exposure is the catalyst for exciting your young geek’s scientific, fantastic, and technological interests. The more stuff they start learning early, the better – and that includes bugs.

Kids love bugs. Not all kids, and not all bugs: squeamish kids don’t like bugs and even bug-loving kids don’t really like wasps buzzing around their heads, but nevertheless, bugs are fascinating. Their biology is so wholly different from our own that they’re almost like little alien invaders setting up camp under every rock and leaf in your yard.

The Wild Cards Bugs set from Stubby Pencil Studios is a great introduction to the kingdom Insectum, featuring pictures of dozens of different insects, including beetles, butterflies, and a host of other crawling critters. There are no specific rules to Wild Cards Bugs, but you can use the set to play Old Maid, Go Fish, and Memory. You could also use these as flash cards to see if your little entomologist can name the bug based on its picture while you cover up the name.

For a well-rounded geek education, don’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty. Nerdiness doesn’t stop with video games and sci-fi movies: while you’re teaching your kids about Firefly, introduce them to Fireflies. Picking your interests and learning them inside and out is what geek culture is all about!

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