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Wild Things Crown

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Whether your child really enjoyed watching Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are or whether they were really freaked out by it (seriously, some of those scenes were intense), one thing’s for sure: all children love the storybook by Maurice Sendak.

To celebrate storytime, we suggest you crown your own little wild thing with the Wild Things crown as you declare them to be “king of all wild things” in an extravagant ceremony all the neighbors will be talking about. But wait a minute. This is no ordinary crown. It’s from Oeuf, a company which specializes in handmade items crafted by indigenous women in Bolivia who are paid a living wage, allowing them to afford healthcare and education for their own kids. It’s also made from 100% baby alpaca, so it’s hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

But we’re still not finished! As cute and crafty as this crown is, it also doubles as an ear muff. Whaaa? Yes, you heard right! It’s fashion with function. So imagine how cute your little one will look when the cooler weather arrives and they’re wearing a crown outside to protect their ears from the cold!

All the other kids are gonna be well jel (that’s right, we’re down with the Essex lingo).

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