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Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game

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Plants aren’t just good for keeping zombies off your lawn. There are vast numbers of plants that have all sorts of interesting and unique uses, from herbs that can heal illness, to greenery that can be spun into clothing or used as paper. They can be surprisingly durable as well; there are some plants so strong, they are capable of growing up through ice, concrete, or in otherwise near-impossible areas where they should have no business growing.

Your nerdling won’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of plant life to successfully play Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure. The game teaches you and your kids as you play, asking for nothing but a healthy capacity for learning about how interesting plants can be when you look closer. Wildlife is a cooperative game that plays similarly to Chutes and Ladders, with elements of card matching mechanics. The goal is to use these cards to get to the huckleberry patch at the top of the mountain, where everyone wins. There is still some strategy involved in play, but the main draw is to enjoy a board game with your family, and have some fun while your kids learn about how awesome mother nature can be.

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