Will Swap Sister For Video Games T-Shirt

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Will Swap Sister T-Shirt

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It’s tough getting new games as a kid. You’re lucky enough if you get an allowance, and games aren’t cheap. You often have to save your pennies while watching your friends go out and have fun, or spend their money on frivolous things while you scrimp and save. Or, you busted your hump mowing lawns and watching other people’s children so you could work towards getting your fix. However you managed it, the feeling of finally getting to buy that new game you’d been waiting so long for was sweet satisfaction. Bonus points if you ended up playing one of the greats of the 8- and 16-bit eras.

Not that I’m condoning it, but wouldn’t it have been much easier to trade your siblings for games? I’m not sure exactly how much siblings go for on the free market (not to mention trying to find a buyer for “I’m not touching you!”), but they’ve got to be good for, what… at least two or three decent games, right?

This satirical shirt comes in black, with bright printed yellow lettering emblazoned right on the front, so everyone knows what you’re advertising. You may have to intervene on this one at times though. Your child may be too young to understand that trafficking humans in exchange for goods like video games violates the law and a trip to federal court to explain yourself isn’t really what you had in mind for this year’s vacation.

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