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Withings Baby Monitor

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If you’re a parent and always fancied yourself a bit of a worrier, then you’re in for a shock because the Withings Smart Baby Monitor will put all your troubles behind you (in the baby department, anyway).

Made for the ultra-mod parent, this monitor features a sleek, compact design, high-resolution video and crystal-clear sound, as well as PTZ technology that allows you to direct the camera and zoom in on your little one wherever they are in the nursery.

But wait for it. Here comes the most awesome part: you can monitor your child right on your iPhone! But not only that—you can receive notifications about the well-being of baby with the monitor too. Simply launch the WithBaby app and you’ve got a 24/7 monitoring system right at your fingertips, displaying everything from temperature and humidity of the room, to motion detection and even extensive fidgeting patterns.

You can talk to your baby through the video screen whether you’re in the next room, at work, or halfway across the world. You can also setup lullabies to play as they doze off to sleep, and even launch a soothing soft light from the monitor to help your little one get to sleep. Seriously, what will they think of next?

So if being a first-time parent has got you tense and on-edge with anxiety, relax (worrying gives you wrinkles, you know) with the Withings Smart Baby Monitor.

You’re welcome!

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