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Wizards Of The Game

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There has frequently been a disconnect between religion and pop culture often resulting in the belief that certain music, books, movies, and games have been decried as the work of Satan. Not even Harry Potter was immune to the charge. However, before Hogwarts and Voldemort one of the most targeted sources of childish entertainment was Dungeons and Dragons, cited as being amoral on the grounds that magic and sorcery were involved.

Taking a cue from this old argument, David Lunbar has penned Wizards of the Game, a fun little children’s book in which Mercer, an eighth-grader with an obsession for a game called Wizards of the Warrior World, finds his favorite pastime under siege. When his school needs to raise money, the fantasy-obsessed hero suggests that a gaming convention be held in the gymnasium. The idea is embraced enthusiastically until an article in the school newspaper calls out Mercer’s Wizards of the Warrior World as being Satanic. Adventures ensue and Mercer is forced to fight for the reputation of a game he loves. The book handles a potentially hot topic with an even-handed fairness. He presents the arguments of the game’s detractors in an intelligent light and even brings verses from the Bible into the text to support their claims. The book is not simply a debate, the plot involves actual, real wizards and a good bit of humor. It’s simultaneously fun and serious.

Pro-tip: Here’s an amateur video of an “epic wizard battle”.

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