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Wonder Woman Backpack

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Although her many great deeds and battles have all been accomplished wearing little more than lingerie, Wonder Woman remains an icon of female empowerment and is the most famous pop culture heroine. Not only does she have superhuman strength and speed (and eventually flight), bulletproof wrist cuffs, an invisible jet and a Golden Lasso of Truth, but she’s an Amazonian demigod and the most powerful woman in the DC Universe. Doesn’t get much more badass than that.

DC is experiencing somewhat of a resurgence because of The New 52’s popularity, so now is the perfect time to grab some merch for your kids. Rather than merely clothe your offspring in one of the many t-shirts that bear her likeness, send them off to school in this backpack with…wait for it…a CAPE! The red cape sporting the Wonder Woman insignia can tuck into, hang down over or be removed from the backpack. It’s a lot easier to get your kid out of the house and off to school if carrying around supplies involves cape-wearing and pretend flying (hopefully with a few “WOOSHs” added for good measure). Proudly proclaim you and your child’s love for the one and only Diana Prince, and be sure to remind all the Batman fanboys that she totally kicked his ass (Vol. 2, #219, September 2005).

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