Wonder Woman, Super Girl & Bat Girl: Superheroes for Your Supergirl


Please don’t tell anyone what I am about to tell you. If you do, I’ll have to kill you.


My daughter is a secret agent.

She doesn’t want anyone to know this. She’s afraid if anyone finds this out, they will steal her moves and blow her cover. She does have some fancy moves. She can fly, too. Oh, and she’s a vampire and a superhero, too. I think that covers it.

Again, please keep this under wraps.

I love this line of thinking. Watching my daughter pretend reveals so much to me about her development. Each scenario she creates for herself teaches me volumes about who she thinks she is – and who she is becoming. She makes super-lassos out of mom’s and dad’s bathrobe belts. She makes capes out of blankets. She jumps from the sofa and flies away.

Word Girl

My little girl is into superheroes like Word Girl. Being a writer, I think that is awesome. Any entertaining way to increase my kid’s vocabulary is OK by me. But she’s not quite aware of the superheroes I was raised with. She is into Spider-Man, and she likes the Power Rangers. But the female superheroes I dug as a kid, she’s still not hip to them … yet.

So maybe one of these items is in order for her.


This Wonder Woman wall decal is particularly cool, with a classic early-’80s vibe. Wonder Woman was the first heroine I was aware of. The fact that she had an invisible airplane was cooler, to me anyway, than the fact that Superman could fly without one. This decal is peel-and-stick, and it’s repositionable, so when the little one decides she wants to move her bunk right in front of the image, you can simply take it down and place it over there by the Monster High posters.


The Supergirl belt is also a bonus for, seeing as I can never find my bathrobe belt. I can imagine her using this for a number of super-purposes, including lassoing the bad guys that creep around our house. Couple that with the Women of Batman Hairbow, and the ensemble is moving in the right direction. Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl team up on this retro-bow. Nice.


Please remember, all of this is between you and me. If you talk about this with anyone …

The Wonder Woman Wall Decal is available through Perpetual Kid.

The Super Girl belt is available at Super Hero Stuff.

The Superhero Hairbow is available through Petite Leon.

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