Wooden Teething Toys: Guitars from Etsy

baby with wooden guitar toy

Things that are plastic are stupid. I mean, they’re cool looking and everything, but from an environmentalist’s point of view (which I totally am … at least to myself), they’re the furthest thing from cool’s definition.

Plastics account for a host of the deficiencies in our ecosystem, and while a majority of the baby teething market comprises plastic-based materials — often ridden with toxins and other chemicals that are gross — wooden teethers are perhaps the best option for tiny teeth. Not only do they give babies something to chew on besides your face, they also make the Earth happier and healthier. And if there’s anything that The Happening taught us, it’s that we don’t mess with Mother Nature, because messing with Mother Nature is like watching Mark Wahlberg in The Happening.


But what we can mess with is our children. Specifically, giving our rock-obsessed kids (read: parents) the safest teethers available by way of purchasing guitar-shaped teething toys at Etsy.com. And we here at Nerdy With Children love Etsy, because it’s the best website on the Internets today for unique baby things that you can’t find in evil corporate toy stores.

Take SmilingTreeToys, for instance. They’re one of a few stores in the Etsy universe offering organic, wooden teething rattles in the form of sweet looking axes (aka: guitars).


Ideal not only for your baby’s gums, these teething guitar rattles also assist in basic learning skills for babybots, like shaking, grasping and, of course, guitar-soloing. And while these teething rattles don’t include six strings or an amp, they do come with soft, well-rounded edges, sustainable hardwood materials and a giving spirit by donating a portion of proceeds to Peace Corps youth development programs. How cool is that?  It rocks AND it gives back. Amazing!

Also providing handmade guitar teethers to the Etsy universe are artists, Amy and Joe: a wife-and-husband-team behind the Etsy store, Little Alouette.


Their Little Alouette guitar teether is hand-crafted from locally sourced hardwoods and finished with certified flax seed oil (nom nom nom) for a safe, shiny coat free of harmful toxins and stuff that tastes weird. You’ll also receive infusions of love and bliss, due to Amy’s and Joe’s adoration of disco music, their children and big mugs of delicious tea. So thanks, guys! And with a ring in the middle adding volumes to its guitar-shaped style (and ease of grasping), the Little Alouette is a music lovers dream — music lovers who still wear diapers and eat mashed peas, that is.

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