Word Girl Super Team Sports Bottle

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WordGirl Super Team Sports Bottle

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Here is actual dialogue from the one and only PBS Kids cartoon starring a 5th grade female superhero whose powers include strength, flight, and an extensive vocabulary:

WordGirl: So you’re stealing gold then transforming it into potato salad.
Dr. Two-Brains: Mm-hmm!
WordGirl: Then you’re taking that potato salad and transforming it into cheese.
Dr. Two-Brains: (Giggles.) Right!
WordGirl: Doesn’t that seem a little unnecessarily difficult? I mean, why not steal potato salad instead of gold?
Dr. Two-Brains: Huh?
WordGirl: Or, use the gold to buy the potato salad. Or why not just steal cheese in the first place?
Dr. Two-Brains: Boy, it seems obvious when you say it that way, but…but I have my reasons!
WordGirl: Okay, all right.
Dr. Two-Brains: I was in a rut, okay!
WordGirl: Okay.
Dr. Two-Brains: Plus, my henchmen needed gold so they could pay the rent and…stuff.
Henchman: Oh, does this mean we can have some?
Dr. Two-Brains: No!

If, for some reason, you and your kids weren’t already hooked on this hilarious (and educational!) show, I’m assuming you just resolved to correct that injustice. Which is appropriate, because justice is what Becky Botsford, aka WordGirl, is all about. That and words, of course, being that she’s from the Planet Lexicon. And speaking of words, “homophones” are words that sound alike but mean different things, and “Botsford” is kind-sorta homophonous with “bottle”…and look at this aluminum sports bottle featuring WordGirl and her monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face! (See what I did there?) It holds up to 20 oz, comes with two different lids, and can be personalized with your child’s name. If you ask me, that’s worth a Captain Huggy Face victory dance! Word up!

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