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Working Wood Siege Tower Kit

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The mighty siege tower was used by military commanders around the world for thousands of years as an effective tool against high enemy fortifications. Military leaders from the ancient Assyrians to the Greeks and Romans to medieval Europeans used these mobile wooden fortresses to crack their enemies’ defenses and lay waste to their enemies’ cities defenders. Designed to provide cover for friendly soldiers, ladders and siege weapons as they approached enemy walls, these towers turned the tide for countless sieges throughout history by allowing armies to get up close and personal during a siege.

Now you can recreate these epic ancient battles with your own, home built wooden siege tower. This kit allows you to construct a 15-inch-tall replica of a working 13th Century siege tower for display or play. The model includes rolling wheels, a movable draw bridge and functional catapult. It even comes with modeling clay to build custom projectiles for the catapult, so you can rain boulders on your enemies! Glue and scissors are required, so this would make a great joint project with you and your kids as well as a good lesson in military history. So, pick this up as a gift for the history lover in your household.

Pro-Tip: We do not recommend catapulting live animals.

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