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World of Warcraft Epic Stroller Onesie

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It’s never too early to start indoctrinating your children into the finer details of gaming, especially those inside jokes that are lost on all those newbs not in-the-know. Few games have the depth, and consequent plethora of referential in-jokes, than Blizzard’s paramount MMORPG, World of Warcraft. It is certainly a trend among devotees to pepper their real world lives with obscure references to the game that only other WoW players would understand. Whether fans sport a Horde emblem on their cars, or a Save the Murlocs t-shirt, their subtle shout-outs to the lore of World of Warcraft do not go unnoticed by fellow gamers.

Now you can extend that nerd cred to your infant with the WoW [EPIC] Stroller onesie. Available in sizes infant to 24 months, this outfit lets everyone know that your newbie is no n00b and their boring, run of the mill stroller is just a stand-in for their real mount, which no doubt boosts speed 100 percent and is fully decked out with spikes and streamers. So, start your kid’s game with some quality end-game content and set the newest member of the horde up for success..

Now it is time for a completely unrelated video.

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