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World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Starter Pack

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So living and breathing Azeroth for hours on end, being sucked into the vacuum of a virtual world, and slaying the mightiest of foes with friends at their side isn’t enough for your young nerds? They want WOW in real life? Well, you could take them to see some medieval reenactors dressed head to toe in ridiculously cumbersome (but authentic!) chainmail who battle it out with dull broadswords and fake polearms. Or you could just do the easy thing and get your kids hooked on the WOW Trading Card game. I vote option two.

Now, if your child’s not already in the game, they have some catching up to do. The card game has been around for a few years and is massive in scope and jaw-dropping in detail (much like its online counterpart). To initiate your youngin’ in the card game universe, you’ll need to pick up this WoW:TCG starter pack. It contains all the essentials to get your gamer initiated, and once they’ve figured out all the rules, expansion packs will be necessary. But start their addiction small or else you can easily find yourself penniless. Also, head on over here to find some kids’ tournaments in your area. Because it’s all about prestige and pew-pew.

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