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World’s Largest Toe Tap Piano

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Boisterous energy and music go together. Making music is not just an activity of the hands, but rather a whole-body experience. As early as a year, kids start dancing, turning in circles, and clapping to music. Parallel play evolves into mutual play as children navigate the difficult terrain of socializing. At some point along this continuum they are able to create together, and, by the time they are teenagers, have formed a band.

The perfect way for kids to make music is by running on an 8-foot long piano keyboard on the ground. Hammacher Schlemmer, the company behind the world’s largest crossword, has now created the world’s largest toe tap piano. It weighs only four pounds and takes just four AA batteries, so, despite being large, it is in no way cumbersome. More than just a toy, this piano is capable of sounding like 8 different instruments, taking recordings, and connecting to mp3 players so kids can play along with their favorite songs. It is large enough that multiple kids can play together, creating a multi-part harmony or a rocking cacophony. Yet, it’s also a size that’s manageable for one kid to play at alone, getting an extraordinary amount of physical exercise while exercising her creative abilities and developing into a musical genius.

Maybe they’ll be able to bang out a number like this at some point:

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