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WowWee Tribot Talking Companion

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Tribot is just about the closest thing to an actual robot that is legally allowed to be purchased on the market for your kids.* Anything more advanced, and we’re looking at restricted access, government officials only. Sure, you could get your own lab and build your own robot, but then you’d have to worry about funding, deadlines, and hiring decent lab techs that aren’t playing Asteroids on their smartphones. Even when you finished your robot would probably be forcefully repurposed to a junkyard, or somewhere else equally unsettling.

Instead of all that hassle, why not give Tribot a chance? Made by WowWee, Tribot is a remote controlled yet completely autonomous robot, built specifically for your kids to enjoy. He talks and reacts to everything he sees around him (via infrared sensors). Tribot makes jokes, plays games, and moves around by himself (or is controlled) in any direction. He can be an alarm clock, detect intruders, and interacts with everything he sees in front of him, as your kids make him dash, spin, and play all over the house. Tribot is an excellent choice for any parent who wants their kid to play with a fully-interactive robot friend.

* Probably not actually true.

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