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Wu and Wu Cupcake Baking Set

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This cupcake baking set by Wu and Wu comes with just about everything you’d need to get started sharing the pleasures of baking sweet delicious treats with your little angel. With adorable little polka dot cupcake holders, a supercute retro recipe card (as opposed to a printout from epicurious) and, of course, an adorable tin. The kit also comes with a wooden spoon and teeny rolling pin, in case you want to make cookies. Or in case you hate the cupcakes and just want to smash them in anger.

The only thing missing is the copy of “The Feminine Mystique” you’ll want to share with your daughter (or son) to remind her/him that retro cupcake sets won’t solve all the problems of the world. Maybe you can wait a few years on that, and just enjoy the candy-coated world of cupcake baking a bit longer. Wu and Wu’s Baking set will let you do just that. Did I forget to mention the Cupcake Stamp!? As if cupcakes aren’t cute enough, you can imprint a cotton candy design on the cupcakes prior to baking. Somewhere in the world, Zooey Deschanel is cuddling a baby kitten and using her Wu and Wu Baking Set–we just know it.

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