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Wu & Wu Bead Set

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Artisanal tendencies can be encouraged from a young age. Though your child won’t actually be making these beads him/herself, they will be able to create a funky and unique design using Wu and Wu’s Bead Set. Will they feel as though they are walking through a hallucinogen-inspired forest scene like the one on the tin’s cover? One never knows.

The plethora of beads in this sweet little tin will provide hours of enjoyment for your little guy or girl (yes, we’re enlightened enough to allow our sons to wear necklaces these days–right?) The kit also a variety of clasps, so all their hard work will be rewarded with an actual, wearable piece of jewelry. Now, get Junior an Etsy account and let’s get this enterprise started! In addition to the beads, the tin itself is actually adorable enough to keep! Use it to pack a super cute bento-style lunch for your little sweetheart and she will be the talk of the playgroup, or make it a nice storage space for all their new treasures. The product is recommended for ages 6 and up. Make sure you don’t steal all the cutest beads before you give it your kiddo!

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