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X-Files Toys: Mulder, Scully and Alien

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Friday nights back in the early 90’s on Fox were truly epic. With the annoying scepticism of F.B.I agent, Dana Scully, and her never-stop-looking-for-the-truth-cause-it’s-out-there-and-whatever agent sidekick, Fox Mulder, guiding us on a path to “the truth” for an hour through various, unconventional circumstances (like abduction, human-sized centipedes, and entanglements with smoking dude), we always got closer to the discovery of extraterrestrial life even though it was discovered within the first few seasons. Every episode was just as exciting as the last, and a new generation of nerdom evolved that had nothing to do with Star Wars or Dungeons and Dragons–for once.

To capture the duality of America’s greatest purveyors of alien existence and to ensure that love for the X-Files exposes new generations to Ford Taurus’s and beige, pant suits, McFarlane toys has commemorated the uber famous agents in figurine form with ‘The X-Files Mulder, Scully, and Attack Alien.’ The attention to detail of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovney’s near-perfect, plastic bodies is captured to an almost scary degree, and the alien doesn’t look that bad, either. Both truth seekers come with badges for identifying themselves to the powers that be, while on their own, Mulder comes with a flashlight to help him navigate through the weird crevices in the world he tends to get stuck in, while Scully is armed with a cell phone; an important tool to have when you’re fighting aliens who attack and stuff. Your little one is guaranteed a lifetimes supply of ongoing battles for the truth and will hopefully teach them that sometimes the government isn’t always an honest entity, at least in the world of the Files.

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