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X-Men T-Shirt

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Pretty much every kid agrees: school can be a real drag. Except, of course, when that school is for super-mutants who embody the next phase in human evolution.

Celebrate the world’s coolest school by sending your child off to the their First Class sporting this X-Men tee. The t-shirt depicts the famous mutants in their classic form, when spandex was still the style and Wolverine was an anti-hero NOT played by the musical-loving Hugh Jackman.

The X-Men first exploded onto the comics scene in 1963 as the brainchild of nerd-God Stan Lee. Born from the horrors of the nuclear age, the X-Men have, from their inception, served as a vehicle for showcasing the power of diversity; they’ve simultaneously kicked down the doors of bad guys and discrimination. Under the leadership of Professor X, the team has long battled the likes of Magneto and the Mister Sinister. Their tireless commitment to training up their own inherent powers and being generally awesome makes them the perfect role models for your own little mutant as they learn to embrace their own special powers.

With a genetic makeup of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, this baby-soft cotton tee is age-dyed to emphasize its retro feel, and pre-washed to avoid unnecessary shrinkage.

If this has never once been your ringtone, shame on you.

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