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Yellow Submarine Digitally Restored

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In 1964, The Fab Four began their decade-long movie career with a Hard Day’s Night: the first movie that explored the extent of Beatlemania via Marx Bros-esque, slapstick comedy that somehow made Ringo continuously appear as the clown of the troupe. In 1965 there was Help!, a mockumentary directed by the same dude as a Hard Day’s Night (Richard Lester), that came complete with zany, weirdo mishaps and a whole lot of color (versus the black and white cinematography of the their first film).

In 1967, Paul was intrigued by author Ken Kesey, his gang of Merry Pranksters, and their Acid-fuelled trips to wherever it was that they went; this inspired the Magical Mystery Tour, the precursor to the innovative Yellow Submarine state-of-the-art animated film. Fifty years after the release of Yellow Submarine, a new remastered version of the famous Beatles classic is available for the viewing public and their families.

If you consider yourself a Beatles fanatic, no other form of media will be quite as effective in turning your kids on to the greatest band of all time, than the DVD or Blu-Ray version of this classic flick. Not only will the animation be an enticing quality that your kids will love, the music, including songs such as (obviously!) “Yellow Submarine,” “Only a Northern Song,” and “When I’m Sixty-Four,” will hopefully raise spirits and inspire your little beetles as well. With a ton of extras and a sixteen-page booklet, this is a quintessential must-have for every music lover and their spawn. So be the happenin’ peep that you are and add this to the collection. It’ll look pretty on the shelf next to Spinal Tap.

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