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Yoda Star Wars 3D Pop Art Print

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Hands down, Yoda is one of the greatest fictional role models of all time. Part philosopher, part motivational speaker, and one hundred percent badass, the little green guy is the quintessential mentor. His quotable gems of wisdom form a guiding force for padawans both young and old, and can be conveniently quoted to friends and family to help keep them on the right path.

You can adorn your walls with the kindly, diminutive alien with the Yoda Star Wars Pop Art. This robust piece of kitschy art features a highly stylized rendition of Yoda literally popping out of the piece’s background. It comes fully framed and ready to hang. Mount this piece on your wall, and you’ll have a constant companion in Yoda’s kindly, calm smile.

With Yoda fully installed in your household, you can also begin (or continue) to impart his wisdom on your own padawans. The next time the kids offer to merely try and complete their chores, reproach them with a gentle “Do, or do not. There is no try.”(While, of course, reminding them of the consequences of not doing.) Eventually, you won’t even have to say anything, but point at the Yoda on the wall and glare at your children to get your message across. When your friends and neighbors comment on how well adjusted and behaved your kids are, you can smile and think to yourself, “Yes, for Yoda is my ally, and a powerful ally he is.”

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