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Young Scientists’ Star Pilot

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It’s important to foster a love of science early in children. As they advance through school and come into their own identity, it’s key that they carry with them a love of learning and a desire to understand the universe around them. The idea that knowledge is cool helps build a love of exploration, and a drive to continually improve their minds as they grow into adulthood. One of the best ways to do this is to present your kids with opportunities and tools to explore the universe with exciting results. It’s one thing to read about stars and constellations, but quite another to go outside, look into the sky and see them first hand.

The Young Scientists’ Club’s award-winning Star Pilot kit is such a tool. This astronomy set comes with a Star Pilot star viewing tool, an in-depth manual and learning guide, and a poster chock full of fun space facts. The viewing tool allows your kids to explore the night sky and easily identify the brightest stars and constellations. The manual is full of information about stars, and experiments that will teach your lil’ nerd learn about the universe. Its easy-to-use charts will help locate 23 constellations, and includes information on the history of constellation identification drawing from ancient Greek, Chinese and Native American lore to make star hunting fun and interesting.

Add this toy to your offspring’s science repertoire and get them excited about space!

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